I am Cait, hear me roar.

I haven’t seen the first episode of ‘I Am Cait’ – yet. But from everything that this review reports on it I can’t wait, not just to watch it myself, but to see how this will normalise and educate the public on transgender people both in the US and globally.

Firstly, though tough but legitimate question is asked:

Will a network known for Keeping Up with the Kardashians and other, lighter fare handle this story properly?

And the answer is…

At least for the series’ first episode, I Am Cait is a smash success, both in spite of its reality show format and because of it.

It is simultaneously educational and informative, gentle and transgressive. It takes time to teach its audience about trans issues, through the conduit of Jenner talking to her family.

The show is so soft, you can forget how revolutionary seeing a trans woman’s story being told on TV really is.

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Victoria welcomes LGBT champion of rights.

A round of applause for the Victorian state government who have appointed a gender and sexuality commissioner to fight LGBTI discrimination.

Rowena Allen will “champion the rights” of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) Victorians.

Only 5 per cent of transgender people kept their jobs after changing gender, Ms Allen said. “I’m looking forward to increasing that number,” she said, adding that she planned to work with company boards to create workplace policies and cultures to help transgender people retain their jobs.

In May the state government announced it would commit $3.2 million to establish Australia’s first equality portfolio within cabinet.

Equality Minister Martin Foley said Ms Allen’s appointment to the role was a “first for Australia”.

Well done Victoria for leading the way.

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Boys toys, girls toys, or just…toys?

amazon breaks down gender stereotype

amazon breaks down gender stereotype

In a great first step in addressing gender stereotypes, Amazon has removed gender landing pages for toys on its homepage. While this gender split has not been removed completely (you can still categories toys by gender in the sub menus), this is definitely a positive move away from gender stereotypes.

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Brave Bruce Jenner – “I have the soul of a woman”.

Amazing amazing amazing. You must watch Bruce Jenner’s interview, it is so open and honest and educational – Jenner explains how gender and sexuality are two different things.

Also – how Kayne helped Kim become the most accepting of the Kardashian family.

PS the sound gets better.

Bruce Jenner Interview 2015 With Diane Sawyer – FULL Interview – YouTube.

Gender Nonconforming, say what?

An absolutely beautiful piece from my first blog follower!

Provides some deep insight into how people treat others differently depending on what gender they think a person should associate to.

I hate being gender nonconforming because my co-workers were more offended by the people who assumed that I was male than they were about the people who treated me like shit because I’m female. In their minds, it was more important that people acknowledge my femaleness than it was that they acknowledge my ability to do my job.

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