Like a girl.

So it was almost a year ago that this amazing advertising campaign hit our social media walls but as it has just recently won at Cannes I thought it was worth sharing again and seeing how the campaign has developed.

Definitely one to take over the Dove ‘Real Beauty’ campaign in the history books, ‘Always’ (P&G owned feminine hygiene brand in the US) uncovered in research that puberty is when a girls’ confidence begins to erode. They came up with the start of the #likeagirl campaign that breaks through unconscious gender bias and shows how an everyday term society just accepts, is a sexist and derogatory concept that’s placing limitations on young girls.

This one is the next social experiment in their campaign. While not quite as strong in terms of highlighting young girls’ perception of the world compared to older women, I’m still really excited as to where this is going and how it is influencing other brands to empower females.

2 thoughts on “Like a girl.

  1. There was an advertising campaign around this time that showed parents discouraging a young girl from learning about and showing an interest in the same things her brother was. Then when she got older all of those behaviors became internalized and she prioritized looking good over showcasing her intelligence and interest in science. It was heart-breaking.


  2. It’s so disappointing. Gender stereotypes are so engrained in our society people don’t even realise how offhanded comments such as ‘like a girl’ can impact on a young girl’s perception of what she can achieve.

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