Approaching sexism responsibly.

Thoroughly recommend watching this short TEDEd speech by gamer Lilian Chen on how she has addressed and raised awareness of sexism in gaming.

The entire panels point was to raise awareness [of sexism in the gaming community] in a way that did not shame male gamers.

As a woman, I was sexist; even mysogynistic, against my own gender. Sometimes when you’ve been immersed in an environment long enough it can be hard to differentiate between harmful behaviours and normal ones.

While some gamers are intentionally malicious, some may not realise they are perpetuating sexist behaviours in the first place. Empathising wi these gamers is more productive than outright dismissing them.

Please, leave the accusatory tone behind… People are willing to change and they want to help.

My silence only further enabled sexism within gaming… By being vocal, you force yourself and those around you to reevaluate their actions and perceptions.

Watch it here:

What are your thoughts?

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