Young, drunk, and in a sketchy place late at night.

You have probably seen this one but in case you haven’t… An Argentinian woman who works at a bus terminal has had her Facebook post message against slut-shaming and rape culture go viral. The post is brilliant:

“Yesterday at the bus terminal at 6 a.m., there was a drunk man, and ten minutes later he fell into a deep sleep. He had oversized pants that left his underwear and half of his ass exposed.

In sum: young, drunk, late at night, in a sketchy place like the terminal and with his ass in the air… and not I, nor any of the women who passed by this spectacle, raped him or killed him.

You see guys — it’s not so hard, and that no matter how drunk one is or how one is dressed, it’s possible to respect the lives of others???”

“Both men and women should pay less attention to the clothes worn by girls and deal more with teaching boys of future generations to NOT violate, harass, stalk, and kill.”

Read the full article here >

What are your thoughts?

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